A mysterious energy.. 35 weird facts about the Pyramids

After more than 4000 years since the building of the pyramids, mystery still shrouds the ancient structure, and hides many of its features and secrets, especially the way in which the ancient Egyptians had built it. This topic has enticed many scientists to sit down and attempt to decipher the pyramids stories and secrets.

These huge structures possess many undiscovered secrets to this day, in addition to many hidden pathways and rooms, which makes it one of worlds seven wonders.

Did you know what happen if you leave ablunt razor or a pice of meat inside the pyrmids for several hours?

Heres what scientists have reached when it comes to the pyramids, some of which you may just hear for the very first time:

Scientists in the fields of archelogy, natural sciences, and mathematics have been able to discover many useful and new information, however, two Russian researchers decided to rebuild several pyramids with different proportions, the largest of which had a high of 144 feet. With the approval of the Russian government, according to Discover Science network; they discovered several secrets and facts that were undiscovered before:1-The pyramids contribute to the improvement of living creatures immune systems, increase in white blood cells, as well as cell renewal.

2-Seeds stored in the pyramids for 1 to 5 days witness an increase in size from 30% to 100%

3-An improvement of the Ozone layer above the pyramid bult in lake Seliger has been noticed.

4-A great decrease in the degree of earthquake activities around the research areas where the pyramids were built, as well as a decrease in extreme climate conditions.

5-Oil of 30% less viscosity has been extracted according to the Moscow Academic of Petrol and Gas, where some of the Pyramids the Russian scientists have bult in Bashkortostansouthern Russia.

6-The two researchers conducted research on 5 thousand prisoners, and they found out that there was a great improvement in their behavior and degree of violence when the prisoners had salt and pepper and were exposed to the energetic fields of the pyramids.

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