Every YouTuber Should Make These 4 Types of Tutorials

A vlogger teaches his or her viewers how to do something in a tutorial video. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials and for good cause! Because everyone enjoys learning new things, tutorial videos are entertaining, useful, and popular. Here are four of the most frequent sorts of tutorials, as well as why aspiring YouTube celebrities should make them.

1. Makeup tutorials provide viewers with useful skills they may use every day.

Because the world of makeup is so sophisticated, beauty tutorials are extremely popular. Many people have trouble selecting the right items, applying the proper amount of makeup, and applying it correctly. Many individuals learn how to apply cosmetics by watching YouTube tutorials, and if you have a talent for it, you can educate a lot of people! YouTubers can teach viewers how to apply "scary" makeup, "stage" makeup, and costume makeup in addition to daily beauty demonstrations. Last but not least, dont forget that beauty and makeup tutorials arent just for women!

Check out this YouTube video by Viva Glam Kay, in which she demonstrates a "bold" cosmetics look. Take note of the eye-catching before-and-after photo in the thumbnail as well!

2. Game tutorials assist viewers in progressing through their favorite games.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a game level and decided to look up how to overcome it on YouTube? Even if it wasnt your proudest moment, you cant deny that gaming tutorials and walkthroughs are quite useful! Many individuals watch game tutorials to learn how to beat games and to enjoy watching others play their favorite games.

Even some of the most well-known YouTubers, such as PewdiePie, have made a name for themselves by producing gaming videos! Its both fun and wise to develop gaming lessons to improve your fame if you enjoy and are good at a particular game.

Check out this video game tutorial in which a YouTuber leads his audience through the first section of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

3. Music tutorials introduce viewers to various art genres while also saving money on music instruction.

Many people wish to learn to play instruments or enhance their musical abilities, but they are unable to afford music classes. As a result, they turn to YouTube, where music tutorials have become quite popular.

Creating a music tutorial, especially if youre a new musician, is a terrific method to demonstrate your talent while also assisting your visitors.

Check out this five-minute instructional from Ukulele Underground, which teaches young musicians how to play the ukulele. This video is well-produced, entertaining, and makes learning an instrument appear simple.

4. Academic tutorials assist students in achieving academic success.

Tutorials for academic purposes are increasingly popular. Thousands of people use academic tutorials, and they frequently learn more than they do in school. Educated YouTubers are generally better at explaining academic subjects than teachers are, and they employ excellent explanatory pictures.

Academic tutorials, on the other hand, have the advantage of allowing viewers to pause, slow down, and revisit the tutorial until they thoroughly comprehend the principles. You may not only enhance your channels popularity by posting an academic tutorial, but you can also help people do better in school!

Check out this Khan Academy video that introduces and emphasizes the beauty of algebra. It teaches concepts, provides unique examples, inspires viewers, and is an excellent learning experience!

Tutorial videos are not only entertaining and popular, but they also assist individuals in learning and succeeding. You will earn fame and benefit your community if you create cosmetic tutorials, gaming tutorials, music tutorials, and academic tutorials.