Why do experts warn against putting a glass of water next to the bed while sleeping?.. 7 dangers

Health and food safety experts advise not to leave a glass of water near the bed during sleep, which raised eyebrows, especially since this is something that many people are accustomed to, especially the elderly and children. Experts warned against this habit because of the following:

1- Possible fire hazard:

Many people keep charging devices like their phones close to their beds, so if you put a glass of water on the bedside table and then accidentally drop it in your hand, the water could spill, causing a potential threat to electronics and a risk of short circuit.

2- Water changes its taste:

If you fill the glass with tap water, it probably contains chlorine added for disinfection, but the chlorine will begin to evaporate during the nighttime hours, changing the taste of the water, and making the water taste stale.

3- Your water turns into a breeding ground for germs:

When you take a sip of water, you transfer millions of bacteria from your mouth to the cup and then to the water, so if you decide to drink some water from that cup in the evening while youre trying to sleep, the germs will get inside and multiply in the morning.

4- Some insects may end up in the water:

Leaving a glass of water on until the morning may make it more vulnerable to different types of mosquitoes, flies and other insects during the night, and some dirt and other things may seep into the water while you sleep, and you may not notice it while drinking the water first thing in the morning.

5- The water becomes a little more acidic.

When you leave water in an open cup, it may absorb a small amount of carbon dioxide, which slightly alters the pH balance. It makes drinking it less enjoyable.

6- Keeping a glass of water near your bed will disrupt your sleep.

If you have a glass of water in sight, especially if you have difficulty sleeping, you may start drinking water during the night which will make you more likely to go to the bathroom, and doing this several times at night may spoil your sleep cycle, depriving you of sleep. A good nights sleep leaves you feeling tired and exhausted in the morning.