Does erection return after prostatectomy?

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction or lack of erections after surgical removal of prostate cancer, which makes them feel uncomfortable and anxious, because they are unable to practice intimacy efficiently. In the following report, the Consulto reviews the causes of erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy and its treatment, according to Healthline.

Causes of erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy

There are two types of prostatectomy surgery, and the doctor determines which is most appropriate for the patient, according to the size of the tumor and its spread, namely: - Nerve-sparing: that is, the removal of the prostate without affecting the two nerve bundles surrounding it.

Radical prostatectomy: In this surgery, the doctor also has to remove the nerves, either completely or only part of them, due to the spread of cancer cells in them.

Men may develop erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy because of:

The nerves, muscles, or blood vessels involved in the erection process are injured during surgery.

Neurosurgery with prostate.

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When does an erection return after a prostatectomy?

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, about half of men regain their ability to have an erection after nerve-sparing surgery within about 12 months.

However, there are factors that may delay the recovery of an erection after a prostatectomy that should be considered, including:

- growing old.

Cardiovascular disease.




- obesity.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy

75% of men after nerve-sparing surgery regain their ability to have an erection, by taking erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Viagra.

But if these medications are contraindicated, such as heart disease, your doctor may prescribe penis pumps, to improve the flow of oxygenated blood to the penis.