A sign that reveals cancer-causing shampoos and cosmetics

The German Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation explained that PFAS fluorochemical compounds are considered environmental toxins and increase the risk of cancer, and the use of these compounds is widespread in shampoos, cosmetics and face masks, and the user can avoid these compounds by looking at the ingredients list of products while shopping. The German Association indicated that common fluorochemicals are spread under various names such as PTFE, HFC (152a), fluoroalcoholic phosphate (C9-15), perfluordecalene, methylperfluoroaerobutyl ether and perfluorooctyltriethoxysilane.

The German Association advised looking for products listed on packaging with phrases such as "PFAS-free", "PFC-free" or "fluorocarbon-free", in addition to relying on safe natural cosmetics. German expert Louise Corner stressed that fluorochemicals are associated with serious health risks, such as thyroid disease, liver damage, weight loss, diabetes, and an increased incidence of breast, kidney and testicular cancer.

In addition, fluorochemicals enter the environment through wastewater, which causes harm to animals and plants, so products containing fluorochemicals should be disposed of in their designated containers.