The Purr-fect Watchlist: The Greatest TV Shows About Cats

The following article lists the top television shows that revolve around cats. The rankings are based on votes by viewers and critics alike. From animation to documentaries, these shows feature cats in various ways. Some showcase their cute and cuddly side, while others portray their mysterious and unpredictable nature. Regardless of their approach, these shows are all purrfect for cat lovers.

The Purr-fect Watchlist: The Greatest TV Shows About Cats

1. Tom and Jerry (1940-)

This classic cartoon follows the never-ending pursuit of a mouse, Jerry, by a cat, Tom. Despite the constant chase, the two have an unlikely friendship that has entertained audiences for decades.

2. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (1996-2003)

This sitcom features a teenage witch, Sabrina, who has a talking black cat, Salem. With his sarcastic wit and mischievous personality, Salem quickly became a fan favorite.

3. My Cat from Hell (2011-)

This reality show follows cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, as he helps owners solve their felines behavioral issues. From aggression to litter box problems, Galaxy uses his expertise to transform cats and their owners lives.

4. The Aristocats (1970)

This Disney animated movie tells the story of a group of aristocratic cats who are kidnapped by their owners butler and left to fend for themselves. With catchy songs and adorable characters, this film is a must-watch for cat lovers of all ages.

5. Catfish: The TV Show (2012-)

This reality show follows people who have fallen in love with someone online, only to find out that the person theyve been talking to is not who they claim to be. The term "catfish" comes from the idea of a catfish pretending to be a more desirable fish to lure in its prey, much like online scammers.

6. Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit (2018)

This documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of the competitive world of cat shows. From grooming to judging, the film showcases the lengths some cat owners go to win the coveted title of "best in show."

7. ThunderCats (1985-1989)

This animated series follows a group of cat-like humanoid aliens who flee their dying planet and arrive on a new one. With their superior strength and agility, the ThunderCats must defend themselves against their enemies and adapt to their new home.

8. Keanu (2016)

This comedy film follows a man who adopts a kitten named Keanu after a bad breakup. When Keanu is stolen, he and his friend must enter the criminal underworld to rescue him.

9. Simons Cat (2008-)

This animated series follows the misadventures of a cat named Simon and his owner. With no dialogue, the show relies on clever animation and sound effects to tell its humorous stories.

10. Too Cute! (2011-)

This reality show follows the first few weeks of life for various litters of kittens. From their first steps to their playful antics, the show captures the cuteness overload that is baby cats.

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